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"Bigly's Book of Memories"

Once I walk across my lawn

I jump into my pool of orange, pink, and blue substantiation.

It works so hard to get me shaken,

Wading through the golden waves I see in front of me.

Rolling back unto the north

I see Colossal,

I give a curtsy

To measure up the brute I've forged from my own mind.

I drink my tea to calm myself in the wake of the terrifying.

I climb back down the ladder 'cuz I see a tempting flash and buzz,

The sound I searched for ages was

Down in my pockets, deeper it goes.

I follow suit

I want to know again.

"Dear Mike"

Every leaf grows dry with time

Falling from its mother branch down.

But just as it's old and withered

There lies infinite beauty in its crunching sound.

Every breath more shallow than the last.

Every thought a little crevice grown deeper.

A rolling rock only tumbles and falls

Until it's lodged between a few people.

"Happy Days Happen"

Happy days are bound to happen.

Happy days will even happen to you.

If you can't find any, don't worry:

They are just building up.

In storage they build up and up and up

And the pressure will tear down the ceilings,

And they will fall like rain!

Good days will rain down and feel as light as snow! 

Good days will rain down to bring the birds and their singing!

Good days will rain and taste like what's on the tip of your tongue

But you can't remember quite what it's called because every time you bit =e into it it melts your eyes closed and drags a smile across your face.

Your good days will make you forget what was so bad about the bad ones

Happy days happen.

They will happen to you.


I left a loved one in the ocean

Felt the tide take her away

Now every time I'm in the water

I feel heavy and want to stay

All I got was a damn phone call

I needed an eternity to say

All the things that I loved about you

Now I only swim instead

"Memory Pie"

Taking the people I call family through the thick bushels of the forest. 

Ground up herbs in our pipe

the colors become concentrated.

The wet earth makes our toes chilly, but we’re warm nonetheless. 

White noise, political theory, and singing pollutes the air like smoke.

One slice of heaven exists in the forest.

"Honey Dew"

Columns poking out from the cracks in the frame of this

Juicy smothered land that tastes minty green and dirty grey.

Bricks that lined up and down the nature that becomes us

Inevitably eating  'til the soul is just a skin.

The collective conscious sees around the edge of the picture

To find a world behind it that no one could've pictured

"The Good Kind of Shiver"

I don't know if you remember,

But I was walking up the steps and you said


Upwards from my heart felt warm,

Tasted like honey, glowing pure.

Time fell flat on its face just for me to revel in my being.

You called?

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