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By Jose Rivera

Marisol by Jose Rivera is a play around a woman struggling to survive in New York City. . . while the apocalypse is happening. I was able to design the show for a set design studio class.

subway car (1).jpg
portfolio day subway car.jpg
Marisol Plan view stage floor.jpg

At the top of the show, Marisol is on a subway car on her way home from work where she encounters a man with a golf club. In my design, the first scene is a realistic subway car interior that plays in stark contrast to the rest of the show’s style. I built a model in ½” scale then used photoshop to create overlays showing my design.

A ground plan view of the proposed empty stage. In my design with a completely unrealistic budget, the floor and walls of the space are plexiglass cubes with translucent tarps inside covering garbage bags, metal hardware/wires, and various objects. Theoretically some of these cubes are able to come out of their place for various reasons.

 Marisol’s room in act 1 scene 4, when Marisol first meets the Angel. I like the idea that the Angel isn’t actually a physical person in the space, but a bodiless soul. Having the Angel projected onto the wall makes the angel free of a body but also trapped in each box she visits.

marisol room.jpg
Curved flat model.jpg
Marisol's room.jpg

 The model of act 2. The curved platform adds disorientation to the set as Marisol wanders lost in the drastically changed New York City. Some cubes have been taken out of the walls, spilling out the death and spoils of the angelic war happening in the heavens above the earth to stop God from swallowing the rest of the universe as they die.

act 2.jpg
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