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About me

I am an artist, food worker, and delivery cyclist working in interdisciplinary performance art. None of these can be separated: They all permeate throughout my work, informing and morphing through one another; taking all that is demanded by the artist, and returning it to those who give, and to the hurting Earth who has provided me with the rest. Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD and as a closeted queer person also informs much of my inspiration; to communicate. I’m from Long Island, and am still learning to be proud of my home despite me leaving it not having known much about myself, only knowing where I need to go. I’m a twin, I’m messy, and I am called “son” by a family with generations of experience in lying to themselves. In the world I have learned(with varying success) to communicate with people on their terms. In my art I am free to speak in my tongue. To express every feeling but the verbal ones. I wish to create spaces of all sizes, all encompassing, and most of all safe for everyone. I use sound, electricity, and material objects to create environments where people can be themselves. Where people don’t have to answer to anyone. Where they can talk with themselves, explore themselves. I want that for myself, from myself. I wish for my work to become the creek in which you played in as a child, or the one you hopped on rocks to traverse the rushing water, or the one you sat next to for a moment to smell and hear and feel all the beauty through your mind and body. Everyone is a walking universe of their own, and I hope ours can grind along the jagged cliffs between the material and the ethereal together; or at the very least sit with one another for a while.

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